Delicious smoked fish
from Myrskylä

Quality from Finland

We believe that delicious taste experiences should be part of our daily lives just as much they are part of celebrations. 

Myrskylän Savu is a family owned company. We are located in Myrskylä, approximately 100 km from our capital Helsinki.  

We are experts in the field of fish smoking and our roots go back to the early 1990, right here in this same village.  

Our delicacies include cold and hot smoked fish products as well salted fish.  

In everything we do, taste and quality are in the core. These are guaranteed with pure, authentic and carefully selected ingredients combined to our skilled staff.  

We smoke our fish with great tradition, using purely alder and beech wood chips. We don’t use preservatives or other additives, to enrich the taste we only add sea salt and if needed, seasoning.  

Our mouth-watering smoked fish is handmade, with love, to you.


Address and phone number
Kylänpääntie 45
020 735 2730


Mon – Thu
9 – 16

9 – 18

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